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Well Drilling Specialists In Idaho

We specialize in Developing, New, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Irrigation Wells.

We collaborate and conduct Forensic Testing & Rehabilitation of these wells, and have a track record of increasing the wells life span by almost double in some cases.

Borehole Geophysics

Recording and analyzing measurements of physical properties made in wells or test holes.

Service: Designed around your projects goals and dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn of the project.

Camera Surveys

We currently offer one of the deepest water well wireline services in the Northwest w/depth capabilities of over 3000 feet.

Innovations: We are always striving to stay at the cutting edge of technology. In order to provide exceptional services paired with superior customer satisfaction.


We have generational relationships with the Direct Manufacturers of components, in order to continue to provide the quality & longevity we are known for.

Always Moving Forward: We never say it’s good enough. We are constantly expanding our scope and always looking at the horizon for what is coming.


Built on a solid foundation of quality, reliability, integrity and relationships; Stevens and Sons Drilling is dedicated to providing the best service period.

Multi-Generational: For three generations now Stevens and Sons Drilling has honored our customers by staying true to our word and values. We will continue this for generations to come.

Company History

We have been drilling and servicing wells for 59 years. Stevens and Sons Well Drilling (SSWD) officially started in 1962 by Wayne E. Stevens, although he was drilling wells for years prior to that. Incorporated in Boise, Idaho in 1990 and is currently being ran by the third generation Nic Stevens.

Our Core Values

Establish meaningful relationships with customers, vendor, manufacturers and the community. Always strive to exceed expectations. Stand behind our work and deliver not only quality but performance. Remembering our roots as a family owned, 3 generation business that has a loyalty to our backyard (Idaho).

Great Services

Our customers are the reason we have been around for so long. We never lose sight of that. Without them we are nothing. Superior customer service is our motto.

Highest Standards

We don’t settle and just “ok” isn’t good enough for us. We want all customers to be more than just satisfied in what we delivered. We are alway striving to be better.

Professional Team

Family owned and operated. We make sure who ever we decide to partner with shares our value system of providing the best service paired with the best product.

Creative Solutions

We are “outside-the-box” thinkers. We partner with Manufacturers and local subcontractors and insure we always are providing best in class solutions to our customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

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