A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

A Variable frequency drive (VFD) is not new to the well industry however in the last ten year’s they are becoming more prevalent in use under residential applications.

Variable Frequency Drives are equated with the term constant pressure because that is one of its main functions is supplying the home with a constant pressure feed. One of the most common questions asked is what exactly is Constant Pressure pumping.

A Variable Frequency Drive system has multiple applications not only for residential use but they have also brought irrigation wells to a whole new level of pressure.

Drives have been eliminating the use of cycle stop valves or pressure regulators. The benefit of a Variable Frequency Drive system is not just that is delivers Constant Pressure only. A Drive unit has a soft start/ stop feature built in. This eliminates the torque of the motor starting at such a force slaming and beating the pump off the sides of the well putting additional wear and tear on the unit and on the wire. This system still utilizes a torque arrestor to hold the pump in place in the well and you would still use wire guides but that drive feature practically eliminates the wear and tear on the unit. Constant Pressure systems utilize a smaller pressure tank which reduces replacement costs however no need to worry it can also utilize the larger tanks already in line. The units have built in diagnostics to tell technician’s exactly what the system malfunction is. Variable frequency drives have built in surge protections which include high/ low voltage surges as well as Lightning protection to prevent electrical burn outs. The pumps speed is controlled by the unit to provide optimum performance without overloading the motor.

The great benefit of a variable frequency water well drive unit is to increase the longevity of your water well pumping system. Run more efficiently which can result in possible energy savings.

Variable Frequency constant pressure drive units have many names depending on the manufacturer. Intelli Drive, SQE systems, Mono Drive and Subdrive series, and Aquavar Solo Line, and others product lines and custom designs are available by request or recommended for particular applications.